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Just like grammar used to make


Just like grammar used to make

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  • Michael (“Who is like God”).
  • Cadmus (“Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth, to create the Alphabet”).
  • Theresa (“To stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere”).
  • Eros (“The strongest force that exists: Desire”).
  • Hercules (“You must kill the Hydra to enter the Underworld”).
  • Sigurd (“Dig deep, rise up”).
  • Jason (“Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth Again”).
  • Thor (“Cutting through the Gordian Knot”).
  • Perseus (“Become invisible to the Spirits”).
  • George (“The focus of Dhyana”).

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omg damn


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Bring socks!!!! #homeless #donate #homelessness

As are toiletries!

I would also advice NOT to buy wool socks because yes, they are warm, but wool shrinks very easily, some people are allergic to wool, and wet wool is one of the most uncomfortable things in the world.

Thick cotton socks would be best, they’d last the longest and be the easiest to take care of and clean.

- Jane

Cotton is best. Always cotton

I feel the need to STRESS the necessity of socks. For the event AMOK through Random Acts this year, we went to DTLA to pass out donations. At one point we basically ran out and some of us broke off from the group to buy some more items. We ended up at a convenience store that had two boxes of cotton socks. We bought them and as we were walking one man asked us if we had socks. And we said “Yes.” and gave him a pair and then suddenly we were surrounded by individuals all asking for socks. We were out of socks in a few moments. I can say from personal experience that socks were the most important article of clothing that they wanted.

And as far as toiletries go, tampons. TAMPONS AND PADS. One woman was so excited, gracious, and thankful to receive tampons and pads, as it is a donation that seems to be overlooked. So please, of donations that could be given, while all articles of clothing and food and other necessities are more than welcome, socks and tampons and pads are largely needed.

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